The Real Mother Goose – Blanche Fisher Wright

Over the generations since their original publication in 1916, many of us automatically associate Wright’s drawings with the Mother Goose rhymes. For thousands of people, they are the quintessential images that come to mind whenever a Mother Goose Rhyme is recited.

As with many books, I was surprised to find that these images really were not available online in a usable size or foramt. In the decade or more since I originally posted these, more have become available, which is always a good thing. Similar images are now also available at Project Gutenberg, which has digitized the entire text.

Mother Goose, of course, is not the true author of these rhymes. Many have been around for half a millennium or more, and the authorship is considered “traditional.” A French author, Charles Perrault, compiled a group of these in the late 17th century. English translations followed and new material was added over the years. The term Mother Goose has some to mean tradition nursery rhymes, even those not technically associated with this historic collection.

Title: The Real Mother Goose
Author: (Historic)
Artist: Blanche Fisher Wright
Publisher: Rand McNally & Co.
Date Published: 1916

The Real Mother Goose - Blanche Fisher Wright
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