Five Hundred Fascinating Animal Stories

64 illustrations of fish, birds and mammals.

I found this tattered and broken book in a lot of old books sorted into moldy and decrepit boxes. The book was not salvageable and many plates were missing, but those remaining were free of any major defects or stains. The illustrations of the fish, birds and mammals are not the best quality, but I was able to get good scans without having to any major editing or restoration, and the range of species was good enough for me to make an album out of it.

The book is really all over the map, and if you were to try to put together a cohesive collection of animal stories or images I doubt you would ever come up with this lot. Weasels, aardvarks, lions and a couple of other great cats, various fish, orangutans, rose-breasted grosbeaks and other random birds. Oh, and puppies. I believe the images were re-used in various books and formats as publishers tried to market them in various ways.

Title: Five Hundred Fascinating Animal Stories: With Numerous Colored Plates
Author: Alfred H. Miles
Artist: Various.
Publisher: The Christian Herald
Date Published: 1895

Five Hundred Fascinating Animal Stories
As always, the images here on OldBookArt are free to download and use in any way you please. The images here are the highest resolution I have available from this book.
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