Support OBA

A donation button is included in the footer of every page.  Donations are by no means expected, and you may freely download and use anything on this site with no attribution or cost.

While we make everything on the site available for free, it is an ongoing expense to keep the site running and continue to scan books and edit images. This site really started as an offshoot of a used book business to share the images in out of copytight works that passed through the store. Whiel it has evolved to include other sources, it remains a part-time endaevor. Cash donations in any size are always welcome, and a number of people over the years have donated as they were able. These donations have never covered expenses, though, which is why the site carries advertisements as well as links to sites where larger versions may be purchased. On this updated site I have tried to minimize the Google and paid ads to only a few spots on the sidebar. 

A link to the site is always appreciated.

There are also links to Zazzle and Alamy. Following these links to either purchase the full sized images or use the images on posters and other products also helps. We do receive money from those sites if one of the products associated with this site sells.

This site is run on WordPress, and the image galleries have a limit on the image size that is easily manageable. While we used to directly manage the larger images for people who wanted larger sizes, it became too much of a time drain. Alamy was the best solution available to inexpensively offer the larger files if they existed. Many galleries already have the largest size available, or the larger sizes are not high enough quality, in which case there is no link to larger images.

The final way to support is to offer your own collections. While few people have taken the time to scan and edit the wonderful old books they may own, some have, and a few of the pages here show those works. Attribution is given on the relevant pages In these cases we will always need to confim that the images are indeed public domain.