Louis P. Graham: Biggle Poultry Book

Biggle’s Poultry Book was published as part of the small, pocket sized Biggle Farm Library series. These images are from the 9th edition, although the plates did not change between editions (content and chapters were added over the years). It remains very collectible in addition to having a lot of great information and reference material. It is considered an essential part of the subject’s historical reference works, and is on Cornell University’s list of Core Historical Literature of Agriculture (CHLA).

It is a very small book, yet the illustrations are so detailed that they scan well enough to display here. I do not know a lot about Louis Graham, other than he liked to draw fowl. I have heard from a number of people who have original works by him (all birds) and everyone says his the originals are keepsakes and very nice.

This book has 16 chromolithographed color plates along with numerous black and white illustrations. I have reproduced just about every scannable image. The color images are at the beginning of the gallery, but some of the black and white details are nice too and would be useful for clipart, project illustrations, or any similar purpose. For the black and white images I did some editing to remove age toning (discoloration). 

Title: Biggle Poultry Book: A Concise and Practical Treatise on the Management of Farm Poultry
Author: Jacob Biggle
Artist: Louis P. Graham
Publisher: Wilmer Atkinson Co.
Date Published: 1895 (1913)

Louis P. Graham: Biggle Poultry Book
As always, the images here on OldBookArt are free to download and use in any way you please. The images here are the highest resolution I have available from this book.
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