Illustrations of Dickens by Kyd

This volume was published beginning in the late 19th century, and consisted of loose plates in a hard binding. Many have been broken up, but you can still find complete sets that are not too expensive. I believe various editions had different characters, but this is the only one I have had in my store. There are 24 plates from this book, and I have here two versions: the full page scans, and the cropped images of the figures only, eliminating the huge margins. All have been edited and are well sized for most purposes on the web.

Title: “Character Sketches from Charles Dickens, Pourtrayed by Kyd”, or “The Characters of Charles Dickens Pourtrayed in a Series of Original Water Colour Sketches by Kyd”
Author: Kyd (based on Charles Dickens)
Artist: Kyd (Joseph Clayton Clarke)
Publisher: Raphael Tuck & Sons
Date Published: c. late 1800’s

Illustrations of Dickens by Kyd
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