Alpha Portland Cement Company Blueprints and Concrete Plans

These came in a folder that I found in an old box of maps and blueprints from an architect’s estate. Although not a book, they are in the public domain and interesting so I thought I would post some crude copies. I have not edited them or cleaned them up, and there is some loss to the margins on most of them because they were a bit too large for a scanner. 

I gather this series, all from 1910-1920, was an effort by the Alpha Portland Cement Company to promote the use of concrete and cement in architecture and building. Most are for rural and farm construction, and seem to have been mailed by subscription or for free to architects and designers. I think I have almost a complete set here, but I have no definitive reference as to what plans were included.

Many of the originals have been sold, and those that remain are for sale in my bookstore HERE. There is a small market for these as collectibles.

At the bottom of this page, below the gallery, there are links to the description pages for each blueprint. The WordPress image and gallery software does not support large images well, so each description page will privide a link to the folder where the full sized image reside, closer to 6500 pixels rather than the 1900-200 pixle version you can see in the gallery.

Alpha Portland Cement Company Blueprints and Concrete Plans
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Combination Barn and Silo
Combination Fireproof Barn – Stalls for 20 Cows and 5 Horses
Concrete Boat Landing
Concrete Cattle Dipping Vat
Concrete Cellar Steps with Slideways
Concrete Curb and Gutter
Concrete Driveway and Culvert
Concrete Gate Posts
Concrete Hotbed
Concrete Poultry House Page 1
Concrete Poultry House Page 2
Concrete Sidewalk Construction
Concrete Steps and Porch with Suggestions for the Construction of Forms
Concrete Storage Cellar
Concrete Storage Cellar for Fruit and Vegetable Farm with Washing and Packing House
Concrete Tennis Court
Design for Concrete Dam
Design of Hopper Feeder for Soft Coal Handling
Fire Proof Milk House
Greenhouse with Concrete Walls
Ice House with Concrete Walls Containing Ice and Milk Rooms
Plan for Underground Concrete Tank with Capacity of 15000 Gallons
Ratproof Corncrib
Reinforced Concrete Coal Pockets
Reinforced Concrete Septic Tank
Sectional Concrete Flower Box and Garden Seat
Silo with Reinforced Concrete Walls
Small Building of Reinforced Concrete with Reinforced Concrete Roof
Small Concrete Storage Cellar
Smoke House of Reinforced Concrete – Fire Box Placed on Outside of Building
Spring House of Reinforced Concrete
Two Types of Garden Pools of Concrete – Cast with Foundation in One Continuous Operation
Two Types of Manure Pits of Concrete Construction – Simple Uncovered Pit and Covered Structure with Overhead Runway from Barn
Two Types of Watering Troughs of Concrete – Cast with Foundation in One Continuous Operation
Two Types of Winter Hog Houses Constructed of Concrete Throughout with Concrete Feeding Floor and Troughs
Type of Dipping Vat for Hogs and Sheep
Type Reinforced Concrete Building for Warehouse or Storage
Types of Small Concrete Retaining Walls for Terraces and Embankments
Typical Details for Concrete Foundations