European Butterflies

I acquired some very nice high resolution scans of this this old butterfly book that were posted to Wikimedia Commons some time back. The images needed a lot of cleaning up for me to post them here, so I separated the individual butterflies and caterpillars from the larger plates and did some color enhancement and editing of smudges.

The result is 199 images in the Gallery here at Old Book Art, along with the original 18 full plates (cleaned up) which are in the gallery here as well, at the end.

The individual butterfly and caterpillar images range in size because of the quality and size of the lithograph scans. The Latin names shown here are from the book. As I have researched each species I have added more information as possible, including common names, alternative (modern) Latin names, and whether it is a moth or a butterfly.  As always, these pictures are free and available for no charge here at Old Book Art. Donations are appreciated but by no means required as these are public domain images that I have simply collected and cleaned up.

Title: Europe’s Best-Known Butterflies (Europas bekannteste Schmetterlinge)
Author: F. Nemos
Publisher: Paul Oestergaard
Berlin, circa 1895

European Butterflies
As always, the images here on OldBookArt are free to download and use in any way you please.

Most of the larger scale versions of these I have posted back to Wikimedia for free downlaod. They can be seen Here on this page

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