M. T. Ross: The Flower Children by Elizabeth Gordon

This is a fun little book with rhymes and illustrations to teach about various flowers. It is rather effective, and a child growing up with this book would be well versed in flower identification.

It is certainly dated, but a nice artifact nonetheless. Here are all the full pages which show the rhymes, as well as simply the images without the rhymes or titles.

It took me some time to scan and edit these images. The original scans were quite age toned, but still attractive. I have here only the lightened versions, but along with the larger original files of the extracted figers (without the text) You can also purchase very large originals of the minimlally edited full pages at Alamy.

Title: The Flower Children: The Little Cousins of the Field and Garden
Author: Elizabeth Gordon (1866-1922)
Artist: M. T. Ross (1881 – 1937)
Publisher: P. F. Volland (Chicago)
Date Published: 1910

M. T. Ross: The Flower Children by Elizabeth Gordon
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