Lloyd’s Natural History, published in the late 19th century, had many volumes, covering almost the entire animal kingdom. The species described are quite comprehensive, and the 32 plates represent only a small part of the information in the volume. Most volumes had 30 or more color plates, about 5 by 7 inches. As with other Lloyd titles, this book can be found, usually for under $200. The plates being intact and clean make it desirable.

This book was in good condition with a tight binding when I acquired it, so it was hard to get fully flat scans. I present here the full page plates as well as slightly cropped images, with the titles removed. The scans are not the highest quality, and these are the largest resolution I have.

Title: Lloyd’s Natural History. A Hand-Book to the Carnivora. Part I. Cats, Civets, and Mungooses
Author: Richard Lydekker, B.A, F.R.S., Vice-President of the Geological Society, etc.,etc.,etc.
Artist: Various.
Publisher: Edward Lloyd
Date Published: 1896

Lydekker - Carnivora - Cats, Civets, and Mungooses
As always, the images here on OldBookArt are free to download and use in any way you please. This gallery has two versions of each image. Side by side you will find one with the caption and plate number intact, and another with the animal cropped, omitting those details. The images here are the highest resolution I have available from this book.
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