M. T. Ross: The Flower Children by Elizabeth Gordon

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Written By: John

I had these scanned and ready to post seven or eight months ago at least. They kept getting shoved to the back burner, and only when I got an email from someone who saw a reference I had made to them was I finally prompted to actually get them organized and posted here.

The folder is HERE in the GALLERY. A SUBFOLDER has the images without the text. I will link to some images soon as I get the time.

Title: The Flower Children: The Little Cousins of the Field and Garden
Author: Elizabeth Gordon (1866-1922)
Artist: M. T. Ross (1881 – 1937)
Publisher: P. F. Volland (Chicago)
Date Published: 1910

The Flower Children Store is a shop where you can purchase many items with these images.

Flower Children Zazzle Store

I will soon add images linking directly to the Gallery.

5 Responses to “M. T. Ross: The Flower Children by Elizabeth Gordon”

  1. Mike Bodien Says:

    I am interested in purchasing M.T.Ross, Miss California Poppy

  2. juno Says:

    Thank you so much for these gorgeous and fun images.

  3. Henny Says:

    Marvelous pictures!

  4. jennifer friedman Says:

    I have the original book series. It is nice to see it is still appreciated.

  5. Nancy Noonan Says:

    John: Hi. I’m looking for a series of books by William Donahey copyrighted in 1921, or so called “The Teenie Weenies” For Ex: “Down the River with the Teenie Weenies” (I have this one and one other, “”The Teenie Weenies Under the Rosebush.” I suspect there are more. I’d especially like the first one if you can find it.



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