The Second Book of History – Atlas Included

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This is fairly common but often sought after school book or primer first published in 1832. It is a sequel to “First Book of History, by the Author of Peter Parley’s Tales” which was for younger students. It went through at least 30 or 40 editions before 1850, which in this case meant printings, and often there was little to differentiate between editions. These images are from the Eleventh Edition , copyright 1835 and printed in 1836.

The text is full of woodcuts or a similar type of engraving. These images are small illustrations primarily showing figures in the national dress of various countries,as well as people from English and British history.

The maps are, unfortunately, the weakest part of this book. They are woodcuts or likely some other type of engraving. They are beautifully rendered, but they were bound facing each other with no tissue guards, as this was an inexpensive textbook for children. The result is a great deal of shadowing or bleeding from adjacent maps, resulting in a ghost image on each page. I have not tried to correct for this.

A feature I find particularly nice about these maps is the mountains. A light black, the detail is sort of lost in the background until you take a very close look.

Title: The Second Book of History, Including The Modern History of Europe, Africa, and Asia
Author: “Designed as a Sequel to the ‘First Book of History, by the Author of Peter Parley’s Tales.'”
Artist: Illustrated by Engravings and Sixteen Maps
Publisher: Charles J. Hendee
Date Published: 1836 (1835)

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