Karl Bodmer & Prince Maximilian of Wied – Travels in the Interior of North America

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In 1832, Karl Bodmer met Prince Alexander Philipp Maximilian, ruler of the small state of Neuwied, Prussia (now part of Germany).   Known as Prince Maximilian of Wied, or Prince Max, Maximilian was a German explorer, naturalist and ethnographer searching for a draftsman to accompany him to North America.   He selected Bodmerfor the expedition to the Great Plains region of the United States, along the Missouri River.  Prince Max had led another well publicized expedition to South America, and the North American trip was to bring more notice with the publication of the 3 volume book from which these pictures were scanned.

Of the many images he made from the trip, 81 were reproduced as aquatints for the book.  Scenes include subjects from the entire journey, from Boston, through New York and Pennsylvania, down the Ohio to Cairo, up the Mississippi to St. Louis, and all the way to the headwaters of the Missouri.  Bodmer’s works from this trip were recognized as among the most painted images ever made of the region at that time, and included many depiction of local culture, artifacts and scenery.

On the return trip they went via Cleveland, Lake Erie, and the Erie canal to Albany and down the Hudson.  The images in the GALLERY are in order from the book, so the sequence of the trip can be somewhat although not precisely followed.  All the images are based on original very high resolution tif files, which have been cleaned up, straightened and enhanced for the best display.  The files on the site have all been converted to jpeg for easiest download and use.   Biographies and an account of the trip may be accessed offsite via THIS LINK.

Title: Maximilian, Prince of Wied’s Travels in the Interior of North America, during the years 1832–1834
Author:  Prince Maximilian of Wied (Prince Alexander Philipp Maximilian zu Wied-Neuwied)
Artist: Karl Bodmer
Publisher: Ackermann & Co.
Date Published: 1839

The images below all link to the corresponding pages in the  GALLERY  This is just a sample of the full 82 images.

Reise Charte des Prinzen Maximilian zu Wied in inner Nord America

Map to illustrate the Route of Prince Maximilian of Wied in the interior of North America From Boston to the Upper Missouri &a in 1832, 33, & 34.

Leuchtthurn von Boston

Boston Lighthouse.

Aussicht auf den Delaware bei Bordentown

View of the Delaware near Bordentown.View of Bethlehem (Pennsylvania).

Wald-Ansicht am Tobihanna, Alleghany-Gebirge.

Forest scene on the Tobihanna, Alleghany Mountains.

Saki und Musquake Indianer.

Saukie and Fox Indians.

Tower-Rock, Ansicht vom Missisippi.

Tower-Rock, view on the Mississippi.

Opfer der Mandan Indianer.

Offering of the Mandan Indians.

Zauber Maal bei den Assiniboin Indianern.

Magic pile erected by the Assiniboin Indians.

Lederzelt eines Assiniboin Chefs.

A Skin Lodge of an Assiniboin Chief.

Blackfoot Indianer zu Pferd.

A Blackfoot Indian on horse-back.

Die Elkhorn-Pyramide am obern Missouri.

The Elkhorn Pyramid on the Upper Missouri.

Mändeh-Páhchu, Junger Mandan Indianer.

Mändeh-Páhchu, A young Mandan Indian.

Hundeschlitten der Mandan Indianer.

Dog-sledges of the Mandan Indians.

Bellvue, Agentschaft des H. Dougherty am Missouri.

Bellvue, Mr. Dougherty's Agency on the Missouri.

Leuchtthurm bei Cleveland am Erie See.

Cleveland Lighthouse on the Lake Erie.

Wald-Ansicht am Lecha (Pennsylvanien).

Forest scene on the Lehigh (Pennsylvania).New-Harmony on the Wabash.

Mássika, Sáki Indianer; Wakusásse, Musquake Indianer.

Mássika, Saki Indian , Wakusásse, Musquake Indian.

Mündung des Fox-River (Indiana).

Mouth of the Fox River (Indiana).

Dacota indianerin und Assiniboin Mädchen.

Dacota Woman and Assiniboin Girl. (Dakota Woman and Assiniboine Girl. )

Todtengerüste eines Sioux-Chefs bei Fort Pierre.

Funeral scaffold of a Sioux Chief near Fort Pierre.

Mató-Tope, Mandan Chef.

Mató-Tope, a Mandan chief.

Fort Clark am Missouri (Februar 1834).

Fort Clark on the Missouri (February 1834).

Bisontanz der Mandan Indianer vor der Medezin hütte in Mih-Tutta-Hangkusch.

Bison-Dance of the Mandan Indians in front of their Medecine Lodge in Mih-Tutta-Hankush.

Indianische geräthschaften und Waffen.

Indian utensils and arms.

Fac simile einer indianischen malerei.

Fac simile of an Indian painting.

Pehriska-Ruhpa, Mönnitarri Krieger im Auzuge des Hundetanzes.

Pehriska-Ruhpa, Moennitarri Warrior in the Costume of the Dog Danse. (Dog Dance)

Merkwürdige Hügel an obern Missouri.

Remarkable hills on the upper Missouri.

Niagara Fälle.

Niagara Falls.

Please go to the GALLERY to see more images, all available for free download.  All are public domain and ready to be used i various sizes.  No credit is necessary, although a courtesy link and acknowledgement would be appreciated, such as “image courtesy of Old Book Art, www.oldbookart.com, or OldBookArt.

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  1. Byron Grush Says:

    I am interested in 1) the permission to use as part of a book cover illustration the Karl Bodmer illustration titled “Tower-Rock, view on the Mississippi.” I would require at least 300 dpi and largest size. I am assuming this is in public domain. Image would be credited on book, which is a historical novel about travel on the Mississippi in the 19th century. Please let me know if you can provide this. Thanks,
    Byron Grush

  2. wallpapercollective.com Says:

    Do you have these at 300dpi – at the largest possible size?

  3. laure durin expertises Says:

    dear sirs
    this mail to inform you that one of our customers is in possession of 2 genuine drawings by Karl Bodmer, dated 1831; both are preparatory works of watercolors duly listed into the Karl Bodmer catalogue. May I also point out that both drawings are coming from the inheritance of George Sand. One of the the 2 drawings is a self portrait of Karl Bodmer besides prince Maximilian holding a shooting gun. The second drawing represents the central character of a watercolor; a naked indian seen from the back holding a dagger in his left hand. would you or your privilege interlocutors be interested in these ethnological artworks?
    I look forward to reading you asap. Yours faithfully P. DURIN
    for further information you may contact Laurent ASSELINEAU Expert at the following address : asselineauexpert@orange.fr

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