1886 Cram’s Unrivaled Family Atlas of the World

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Written By: John

I am in the process of scanning this entire atlas.   I acquired this very dilapidated 1883 edition of Cram’s popular atlas, and while the binding was shot the pages were in fairly good condition.  I have looked on line and there are few good images available for free public access, so I decided I would post not only the maps and charts but the whole book as well.  Having an entire edition online will hopefully be of help as a reference that goes beyond the pleasures of simply seeing the maps and art.

So far I have scanned the first 125 pages or so.   I am posting them in their entirety in THEIR OWN SUB-FOLDER of the atlas’ primary folder.  I have not edited the maps yet so for the time being you will only see these full page images.  I have not re-oriented or retitled them, so maps may be sideways, and two-page maps appear in parts.  They do appear in order, though, and the numbers in the titles correspond to the page numbers.

The maps and images are not that scarce, but remain collectible and are an affordable way for collectors and map enthusiasts to obtain a desirable, vintage 1800’s map.  Late 19th century atlas maps are usually available in one form or another on the market, and I will be selling the originals individually (as the atlas was broken and not sellable in its current condition) on the Old Book Art Originals site:  www.originals.oldbookart.com

Reproductions of many vintage maps and illustrations remain available through the Old Book Art Zazzle Shops:  www.shop.oldbookart.com.   These are often made from much higher resolution files than I am able to store on this site.

As always, the high resolution jpeg images on Old Book Art and our Gallery are available for free download.  You can download them in by right-clicking on an individual image, or by adding a lot of images to your Shopping cart and downloading a Zip File.  Remember, it may be called a shopping cart but there is never a charge in the Gallery.   Please be sure to go to the gallery and find the proper resolution for a particular image.  For your convenience they are available in many pre-formatted sizes, from thumbnails of about 200 pixels up to 1500 to 2500 pixels per side or more.

This is the 1883 edition, revised to 1886.

Title: Cram’s Unrivaled Family Atlas of the World
Author: Geo. F. Cram
Artist: George F. Cram
Publisher: Henry S. Stebbins (Chicago)
Date Published: 1886 (1883)

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High Buildings

High Buildings

United States Time Zones

United States Time Zones



All sorts of charts, tables, graphs, and other statistics

All sorts of charts, tables, graphs, and other statistics

Canada, including provincial ant territorial boundaries of 1886

Canada, including provincial and territorial boundaries of 1886

State Seals

State Seals


Florida - The Atlas is a United States edition, so focuses on US states and history.

Washington - Many of the raw images are sideways as the pages are presented ad they are oriented in the book.  You can easily rotate them once you download them if you wish.

Washington - Many of the raw images are sideways as the pages are presented ad they are oriented in the book. You can easily rotate them once you download them if you wish.

11 Responses to “1886 Cram’s Unrivaled Family Atlas of the World”

  1. Shawn Hollander Says:


    Any help will be appretiated!


  2. admin Says:

    Hi Shawn. It varies a bit. Off the top of my head I would say that I have typically seen these go for anywhere from $40 to a bit over $100 on eBay. In stores, especially nice copies in good shape I have seen them approach $200 or even more, although buyers who are willing to wait will often wait until a nice copy shows up on eBay and get it there at the lower price range.

    The binding problems detract from the value, bit if the contents are clean and intact it is still worth $50 to $100 on the open market.

    This is a fairly common atlas, and at you can frequently find them for sale on eBay where you can get a better sense of the current true market value.

    – John

  3. kevin murray Says:

    when i saw the word Crams i realized i had a globe that said Crams and underneath ” imperial world globe” Can you give me any info?Price etc.? Thanks Kevin

  4. kevin Says:

    I have a globe that reads Crams and Imperial World Globe.Do you have any info dates,price etc?Thanks for your time.

  5. debra norris Says:

    I have one of these books and am interested in selling it. It is in good condition, please advise where I might sell it.

  6. admin Says:

    eBay is your best bet, as long as you describe all the maps properly, list all the flaws, and post lots of good pictures. If you are unable or do not want to go that route you could try your local used book store. Or, if you want to mail it to me I will buy it from you for a price that is fair but leaves room for a profit for me, or sell it for you and we can split any profit.


  7. theaxx Says:

    this site is COMPLETELY amazing!
    So excited to have found you…



  8. Faye Orr Says:

    Recently, I purchased two old photographs at an estate auction, and they threw in a copy of the 1883 Cram’s Unrivaled World Atlas. I absolutely love it! The problem is that the cover is missing. I work for a printer and am considering putting a cover on it. I’d like to know what the original cover looked like and what material it was made of: heavy paper, leather — faux or real, etc. I’d like to put it back to as original as possible. If you could the image of your cover at 100% and send me a jpeg or pdf that would be great because I can recreate it in photoshop if necessary for the book binder.


  9. Faye Orr Says:

    I almost forgot!! My book is copyright 1883, but on the pages of populations schedules, the numbers are for 1884. Does that make my atlas the 1884 edition, or 1885, 1886? What date does your atlas have for those schedules?

  10. John Says:

    Hi Faye,

    The cover would probably look a lot like the 1886 cover I have displayed above, only of course with the different year.

    These atlases come up for sale on eBay quite often. I have seen an 1885 recently and the cover is the same but for the year. Later editions had some different covers. My guess is if you put in a saved search on eBay, or just check back on eBay every week or so for a while, you will soon see an 1883 book up for sale so you can check out the cover.

    Mine is also copyright 1883. I do not know how often they put in for a new copyright. They revised it every year and the verso of the title page should have a date that agrees with the cover. Mine states “Fourteenth Edition, Revised to January 1886” My best guess is that this, the date on the reverse of the title, is the date you should go by.

    Your title page should probably look like mine at http://www.gallery.oldbookart.com/main.php?g2_itemId=23126&g2_imageViewsIndex=4

    The cover is paper covered boards, and the scan shown above is the best I have right now. This is the url to the page with the largest scale image: http://www.gallery.oldbookart.com/main.php?g2_itemId=23114&g2_imageViewsIndex=4

  11. Ron Strait Says:

    I have a Cram’s Modern Reference Atlas of the World . This book is very heavy and is 17″x22.5″ and is 2″ thick. I would like to know if you have any knowledge of the book and what it’s value might be. A person was selling one on Ebay for upwards of $3,000.00…..any info would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance

    Ron Strait

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