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Written By: John

Maps? On a site about Old Book Art? Well, yes. Many maps, after all, even those you see framed and sold singly, have been removed from old atlases (either recently or hundreds of years ago). I have quite a few pre-1923 atlases and I have scanned a few of the smaller ones. (Those large folio, double folio and elephant folio atlases cannot be effectively scanned using the equipment I have.) I also own and have high quality images of hundreds of other old maps.

Anyway, yes. My own appreciation of old books and their beauty started with atlases, and maps have been something I collect, albeit in a small amateurish manner, for almost my entire life. So, as I did not want to start a whole new website just for the maps that did not happen to be in an atlas, I thought I would add this category for both atlases as well as maps not from atlases.

Some of the images are from other websites such as the Library of Congress. At first I was only going to post my own maps and scans, but upon consideration I decided to post others as well. There are a few reasons for this. One is that many of the LOC and other maps are available in a format that is not easily accessible and usable. Many are unedited and flawed, and I have cleaned these up. Many are also available only as huge files that need to be read by special programs such as Mr. SID. Even then the result is often a 180 MB TIF file that needs to be converted to JPEG and resized before editing can even begin. Thus, I have chosen to take the edited and resized images on place them here for easier access for those who are interested.

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